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Natural Spring-Egypt

Why Egypt?

If you are ready to book time away from home and experience preventative therapies to boost your overall health and quality of life, improve your personal well-being, achieve relaxation purposes and maintain your physical and psychological health... Egypt is a recommended choice for your needs and requirements.

Wellness in Egypt relies on natural resources of treatments including mineral water springs and sand dunes that treat and cure many incurable skin and rheumatic diseases. 16 different wellness places are located at inland and seaside destinations. These places present services like: spa, beauty and facial treatments, thalassotherapy, and body pampering.

Medical Wellness programs in Egypt offer healing, recuperation and curative programs using natural resources or environmental assets under the authority of (joint treatment) therapeutic institutions. Lately, medical clinics and hospitals involved in wellness sector, as an effective treatment provider, such as Safaga hospital, near to Hurghada, is currently a medical center for Ecological recovery.

Treatment Trip Offers

You can easily book any of the itineraries offering various destinations in Egypt that serve your wellness requirements. Or you can plan your trip with your operation supplier upon medical targets and aims.

Sulfurous and mineral springs

A unique chemical compound, exceeds capacity and temperature between 30-73 Celsius degrees. In addition, the clay cures many bone, digestive, respiratory system and skin diseases by burying the patient later in the hot sands. Treatment relies on natural water which has several metal salts and some metals of therapeutic value such as sodium carbonate and varying proportions of some metallic elements such as magnesium and iron.

The estimated average number of those springs in Egypt reaches to 1356 in various locations: eight springs in Cairo; three at Ain Assera while the rest are located at Helwan city. The Egyptian Oases are the richest in springs; 106 springs are located at Siwa Oasis, 315 at Baharia Oasis, 188 at Kharga Oasis, 564 at Dakhla Oasis, and 75 at Farfara Oasis. 33 springs are located at Sinai, while several others are spread all over the country. Only some springs provide tourist therapeutic purposes, especially at Siwa and Baharia Oasis.

Sanding body

Egypt generally is a rich destination of Sand areas; desert occupies two third of the Egyptian land. During certain times of the year, it’s preferable to bury your body in sand. If you suffer from rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid and pains caused by the spine and other causes of acute and chronic pains. Sanding bodies in Egyptian sand normally leads to unprecedented results in curing some diseases. This sand wellness activity can be performed in desert destinations like Siwa, New Valley, Oasis and some regions in Sinai.

Body pampering

It’s a well ordered request in Egypt as destination for wellness and cure, it focuses on physical and spiritual rejuvenation, through various activities such as spa, sauna, fitness programs including massages and water exercises. These wellness facilities are usually offered at resorts and hotel departments. You can enjoy pampering your body even if you didn't come Egypt for wellness reasons.


Thalassotherapy helps restoring your body to a state of serenity fit for your life. It is commonly practiced at the Egyptian seaside destinations which are rich with seaweed, mud and algae wraps for relaxation, tone your muscles, cleanse your skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve your sleeping and boost your immune system. It can be experienced through different activities: mud baths, underwater showers, hydro-massage and aromatherapy

Ecological Recovery

Ecological Recovery is practiced in six main regions at Egypt: Pharaoh Bath, Moses springs, Siwa Oasis, sulfuric wells and springs in New Valley, Baharia Oasis, and Safaga Medical Centre.