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  • Natural Spring-Egypt
    Wellness Tourism
    Why Egypt? If you are ready to book time away from home and experience preventative therapies to boost your overall health and quality of life, improve your personal well-being, achieve relaxation purposes and maintain your physical and psychological health... Egypt is a recommended choice for your needs and requirements.
  • Medical
    Medical Tourism
    Introduction Currently, Egyptian hospitals and clinics attract around 150,000 medical tourists per year. Most people come from Arab countries, Gulf, eastern European destinations, and east Asian countries. Healthcare consists of both, a private and a public sector, with government-run facilities providing treatment free of charge.
  • Beach in Egypt
    Recreational Tourism
    Recreational Tourism in Egypt Egypt is a country rich in touristic resources such as ancient antiquities, natural resources including Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea beaches and gardens, together with Nile cruises and top-class scuba diving in the coral reefs of the Red Sea.