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  • Hospitality in Egypt
    Is Tipping Obligatory?
    Tipping or Baksheesh in Egypt No, because all establishments in Egypt add a service tax. However it is a common practice in the tourist community depending on the customer’s generosity towards the service’ provider.
  • No Worries; your debit/credit cards are working in Egypt
    Ways of Payment
    ATM machines ATMs are widely available in all major hotels and outside banks of all major cities. You just need to feed cash into your credit or debit cards before arrival, and whenever needed withdraw from ATM machines in Egypt. ATM machines are not popular in Middle Egypt and the Oases.
  • Expenses
    How much money is needed for expenses during a day in Egypt? Although the average prices will vary according to your destination and timing, but here you can find the approximate amount of money needed:
  • Foreign currencies are accepted
    Money Exchange
    You aren’t obliged to exchange your local money before you come to Egypt. US Dollars, Euros, Sterling, and other currencies are accepted, only if its a banknote, coins are not accepted. It’s advisable to exchange your currency into Egyptian currency, you'll get better rates.
  • Egyptian Banknotes
    Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is the autonomous regulatory body responsible for formulating and implementing the monetary, credit, banking policies, and issuing banknotes. In addition to managing the foreign currency reserves in Egypt and supervising all related payment affairs.
  • Egyptian Banknote
    Local currency banknote reflects the richness of Egyptian civilization throughout history, and therefore is has always been a matter of interest for tourists and visitors.