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  • Residency
    Formal Procedure If you are visiting Egypt for recreational purposes or your stay doesn't exceeds three months, you will require a tourist visa, which usually could be renewed for similar duration. While Temporary visas are issued for purposes that require a stay between three months and one year.
  • E-Visa
    Introduction Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Electronic Visa (e-Visa) application system, to allow visitors travelling to Egypt easily obtain their e-Visas as a must official procedure for permitting entry and traveling within Egypt.  By introducing the electronic visa or e-visa, you can avoid waiting and queuing time
  • Make sure that your sticker visa is stamped on the passport before your entry
    Sticker Visa
    Formal Procedure In case you want to visit Egypt, you will need to issue a passport or a travelling document by the competent authority of the home country, and it must be formally stamped by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.  Entry should be made through ports and points determined by the Egyptian government, and your entry permissio