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Sphinx of King Nectanebo-Vatican Museum

Dynasty 26

Dynasty 27

Dynasty 28

Dynasty 29

Dynasty 30

Dynasty 31

Pstmatik I

Cambyses II


Nefaarud I

Nectanebo I

Artaxerxes III


Darius I





Psmatik II




Nectanebo II

Darius III


Artaxerxes I





Ahmose II

Darius II





Psmatik III

Artaxerxes II





Period of Revival

A period of revival of the great ancient Egyptian civilization, especially in art and architecture. But then suffering immensly by several invasions: Assyrians, Persians and finally Macedonians. This period is divided into four clear phases; The Saite Dynasty (26th Dynasty), the First Persian Occupation (27th and 28th Dynasties), a period of Independence (29th and 30th Dynasties) and the Second Persian Occupation (31st Dynasty). 

The Persians were driven out by Alexander the Great, who was recognized as the Son of Amun at the “Oracle Temple in Siwa”, while his heirs ended national rule which meant that Egypt for centuries was part of the Ptolemaic and later the Roman Empire.