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Temple of Abu Simbel

Dynasty 18

Dynasty 19

Dynasty 20

Ahmose I

Ramesses I


Amenhotep I

Seti I

Ramesses III

Thutmose I

Ramesses II

Ramesses IV

Thutmose II


Ramesses V

Thutmose III


Ramesses VI

Queen Hatshepsut

Seti II

Ramesses VII

Amenhotep II


Ramesses VIII

Thutmose IV

Queen Twosret

Ramesses IX

Amenhotep III


Ramesses X

Amenhotep IV


Ramesses XI













The Age of the Empire

The New Kingdom certainly left its obvious mark over the Egyptian history, spanning over half a millennium. The 18th Dynasty was established by Ahmose I, and marked the starting point of an immense era. The luxurious and prosperous lifestyle which was maintained during this era can be simply observed in the architectural and artistic monuments; the temples, fortresses, colossal statues, obelisks and magnificent tombs. 

Kings worked on protecting Egypt by expanding its borders. The Egyptian borders were extended to north Syria in the east, Libya in the west and southern Nubia in the south.

In this epoch, a high creativity level was achieved, not only from the administrative and political point of view, but through the introduction of new mythological ideas as kings were defied, and Akhenaten promoted for the first time in history only one god, the sun disc Aten.