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Hawara Pyramid-Faiyum

Dynasty 11

Dynasty 12

Intef I

Amenemhat I

Intef II

Senusret I

Intef III

Amenemhat II

Montuhotep I

Senusret II

Montuhotep II

Senusret III

Montuhotep III

Amenemhat III


Amenemhat IV


Queen Sobeknefru

Reunification of the Egyptian Lands

The rebirth and reunion of the Egyptian Kingdom was achieved by the beginning of the Middle Kingdom which is marked by economic growth and national projects. Kings continued to build pyramids which housed their mummies and funerary equipment. The mud brick pyramids were mainly discovered at El-Lisht and Hawara. 

Although the Kingdom was established by a Theban King (Montohotep Nebhebetre); the capital was moved during the 12th Dynasty  to Itj-Tawy, located at Faiyum, an area which gained special interest, and prospered through agricultural projects. In addition, rulers of the Middle Kingdom worked on maintaining the borders of the Egypt which extended to Semna (South Nubia).