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Golden Mask of Tutankhamun
The Ancient Egyptian Timeline The so-called “Pharaonic History” spans from 3100-32 BC.
Abydos-Tomb UJ-Naqada III
Predynastic Period
Egypt Before Unification A phase in the ancient Egyptian history that precedes the unification of Egypt in 3200 BC.
Verso-Na'rmer Palette
Early Dynastic Period
Unification of the Two Lands The last phase of Naqada culture (Naqada IIIC-D) marks the Territorial unification of th
Giza Pyramids
Old Kingdom
Age of Pyramid Builders The age of Pyramid builders is considered a flourishing period in the history of ancient Egyp
Tomb relief of Hanefer
First Intermediate Period
Decentralization of Egypt The prosperity reached during the Old Kingdom could not be sustained; it was during the 6th
Hawara Pyramid-Faiyum
Middle Kingdom
Reunification of the Egyptian Lands The rebirth and reunion of the Egyptian Kingdom was achieved by the beginning of
Kamose Stela-Luxor Museum
Second Intermediate Period
Revival against Hyksos Invasion During the Middle Kingdom, Asiatics settled in Egypt due to the economic stability. T
Temple of Abu Simbel
New Kingdom
The Age of the Empire The New Kingdom certainly left its obvious mark over the Egyptian history, spanning over half a
Edifice of King Taharqa-Temple of Amun at karnak
Third Intermediate Period
Decentralization and Foreign Invasion Although the ancient Egyptian Civilization had gone from strength to strength, 
Sphinx of King Nectanebo-Vatican Museum
Late Period
Period of Revival A period of revival of the great ancient Egyptian civilization, especially in art and architecture.