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Mosque of Prophet Muhammed-Medina
Islamic/Hijri New Year Feast
It is celebrated on the first day of Islamic New Year, referring to "Hijra"; the migration or journey of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina, in 622 CE., and establishment of the first Muslim community
Eid El Fitr Cookies
Lesser Bairam or Eid El-Fitr
Timing It’s one of the movable holidays determined by Islamic lunar calendar. The feast is celebrated directly after
Celebrations upon the revolution-President Gamal Abd El Nasser
Revolution Feast
Historical Background The day 23rd of July commemorates the Egyptian revolution against Kingdom regime and British co
25th January Protests
25th January Feast
Historical Background The day commemorates two different events. The police day is a remembrance for the resistance o
Christmas Service
Coptic Christmas
Timing In 2005, the Egyptian government declared 7th of January as a national holiday, to celebrate the Christmas acc
Al Mawled El Nabawi Candy
Mawled El Nabawi "Prophet's Birthday"
Timing Egyptians celebrate the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s birth, known as Mawled El-Nabawi, on the 12th of the
Egyptian Labors
Egyptian Labor Day
Historical Background Although, Labor Day was celebrated internationally since 1869, but it is celebrated in Egypt si
Colored Eggs
Sham El-Nessim
Timing It is celebrated following the Easter day, and thus always falls on a Monday. It has been celebrated thousands
Eid El Adha Prayer-Al Masgid El Haram
Greater Bairam or Al-Adh’ha Feast
Timing Egypt, as a part of the Islamic World, celebrates the biggest spiritual festival in Islamic rituals: Al-Adh’ha
Raising the Egyptian Flag-6th October 1973
Armed Forces Feast
Historical Background Egyptians celebrate the victorious feast on 6th of October annually.