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  • Medical Tourism in Egypt
    Medical Tourism in Egypt

    Egypt is one of the top touristic destination in all the world, not only for cultural and historical tourism, but Egypt occupies a distinguished position in the therapeutic tourism in the world.

  • Way of Rams
    The Karnak Temples

    Unlock the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries

    The temples of Karnak are located on the eastern bank of the Nile, 3 km to the north of Luxor Temple, marking the most elaborate “House of God” still

  • The Hanging Church
    Religious Complex in Cairo

    Three Religions in One Place

    A mystical spot in the heart of Cairo where the Quran, Bible and Torah are continuously recited.

  • Fort of El-Quseir
    El Quseir

    El Quseir in a nut-shell

    An ancient and modern city located on the Red Sea shore, to the opposite of the Nile-Valley city Qena.