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Egypt is a tale of different cultures embraced by the beautiful nature. It has been a favorite destination for travelers, explorers and tourists since ancient history. Visit Egypt to explore its rich historical sites, dive under the blue deep waters stacked with breathtaking scenery, enjoy adventures in the desert and relaxation by the beaches, in a sunny climate all year round. Discover Egypt by yourself.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, located in Northern Egypt, and one of the largest cities in Africa

Magic Lake-Faiyum

Faiyum is a governorate located in meddle Egypt, it is the city where life began at Wadi Hitan.

Submarine-Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm Elsheikh is located on Sinai, and it is one of the top seaside destinations in Egypt.

Temple of Philae

Aswan is one of Upper Egypt governorate, it is an area of major archaeological importance.

Alexandria Corniche

The Mermaid of the Mediterranean founded by Alexander the Great.

Deir El Bahari

Luxor is located on southern Egypt, it is the world's greatest open-air museum. 

Qaitbay Citadel-Rashid

Rashid is coastal border city, located on the western branch of the Nile.

Damietta Corniche

Damietta is a coastal border city, it is an important sector of the Egyptian Furniture Industry. 

Sunset at Minya

The city celebrated as the Bride of Upper Egypt, located about 245 south of Cairo.

Overview of Mansoura

Mansoura is located in the northern Delta , on the Damietta branch of the Nile.

Entrance of Dendera Temple-Qena

Qena is city in Upper Egypt, located on a huge bend of the Nile. 

Sunset at Sohag

Sohag is one of the governorates of upper Egypt, and it has a long history extended through ages.

Mount Sinai

Sinai is the Eastern gate to Egypt and the only part of the Egyptian land on the Asian Continent.

Sunset at El Gouna

El Gouna is an Egyptian tourist Resort lies directly on the Red Sea coast.

Resort at Hurghada

Hurghada lies directly on the Red Sea, it is one of the most attractive tourist cities in Egypt.

Marsa Alam Beach

Marsa Alam is a resort town on the red sea, it is a highly recommended tourist destination. 

Gebel El Mawta-Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is located west Cairo, it is very famous for Alexander's visit to the Temple of Amun.

The Black Desert

El Bahariya Oasis is located on the western desert, about 370 km away from Cairo.

Djara Cave

El Farafra Oasis is a quiet and mystical desert, it is known as the White Desert.

El Qasr

El Dakhla Oasis is centered around the Islamic city, “El Qasr”, means the Palace.

Temple of Hibis

El Kharga Oasis is the largest oasis, the southernmost and closest to the Nile Valley.


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