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Idea of Tourist Routes

The Main Idea

The Tourist routes in our country offer you a different way to discover Egyptian history, culture, and natural attractions. Each route has its own sightseeing related to a common feature, that allows you to explore the route, re-live the past, and even expect all its following stops. 

Tourist historical, religious, and urban routes in our country can be experienced both in short and long distance adventures. Moreover, there are some specific routes: environmental, marine, natural and medical.  All these routes offer you a great opportunity to enjoy a unique and evocative experience, while you discover Egypt's outstanding cultural heritage.

Egyptian tourist routes are the real chance to embark on a journey that will take you through great historic cities and breathtaking landscapes.

Each Route has its own link that connects all stops together allowing the tourist to live the spirit of the route, looking forward to visit more places. Egypt enjoys variety of tourist routes which could be classified based on historical link, or medical treatment, entertainment, and environmental. The are short destination routes which lasts for one day, or long destination routes that last for a couple of days, in addition to routes with specific purposes.