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  • National Military Museum
    Egyptian National Military Museum
    The National Military Museum is located inside the Cairo Citadel, at the north western area of the Harem Palaces. It overlooks the Mokattam plateau. The museum houses artifacts and replicas that reflect the military history in Egypt since ancient times.
  • Nubia Museum
    Nubia Museum
    The Nubia museum was built to house the masterpieces discovered during excavations at Nubia. The Museum was formally opened in 1997, as a part of the international UNESCO campaign to save the Nubian Monuments.
  • Chess Set-Royal Jewelry Museum
    Royal Jewelry Museum
    The palace of Princess Fatma El Zahraa (1903-1983) was chosen to be an art museum to house and display the personal jewelry collection of the 'Mohamed Ali' Royal Dynasty. The collection reflects richness and luxury of the royal family.
  • Rashid National Museum
    Rashid National Museum
    Rashid National Museum was established at the house of Arab Killy. The authentic structure of the building is influenced by the Islamic style, which is in line with the artifacts housed inside the museum. Over 300 artifacts including manuscripts, weapons, marble vessels and gravestones are displayed.
  • El-Alamein Museum
    El Alamein Military Museum
    El Alamein Military Museum commemorates the Second World War battle that took place on the Egyptian soil.
  • Sohag National Museum
    Sohag National Museum
    The Sohag National Museum is a landmark built to commemorate the ancient Egyptian civilization in the governorate. The Museum is erected on the Nile bank and the building is influenced by the traditional ancient Egyptian architecture. The entrance is flanked by four statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet.  
  • Alexandria National Museum
    Alexandria National Museum
    Alexandria National Museum houses thousands of artifacts to narrate the history of, not only Alexandria, but the history of Egypt over ages. The museum displays and highlights the under water antiquities and multimedia documentation of their discovery under the waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Luxor Museum
    Luxor Museum
    The Luxor Museum was built on the eastern bank of the Nile to display the exquisite finds that reflect the luxury of Thebes during the New Kingdom. The artifacts displayed focus on the ancient Egyptian beliefs and military glory during the “Age of the Empire” in Egypt.
  • Nile Museum
    Nile Museum
    The modern museum built and opened in 2016, is dedicated to the Nile, the longest river on the planet. It commemorates the history of the irrigation projects and the development of irrigation techniques since the Ottoman era until now.
  • Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)
    Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)
    The Grand Egyptian Museum is built on a prestigious site, overlooking the Pyramids of Giza. The modern complex that harmonizes fantastically with the Giza plateau will be a new landmark for Egypt. A must for every traveler to Egypt.