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  • The Mosque of El Fath
    The Mosque of El Fath
    Introduction The Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque (also referred to as Al-Fath) is the second mosque ever to be built in Egypt and Africa. It was constructed in 642 AD. Despite having been converted to a church twice, and rebuilt several times.
  • The Lighthouse
    The Lighthouse
    Historical Background The lighthouse was built in 1938, a century after renovations occurred to the city, as an important trade center and border city. The construction site was chosen at Ras El-Bar, in a strategic area known as the Tongue of the Nile: a place where the Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea in a marvelous scenery. 
  • Damietta Corniche
    Ras El Bar The place where the Nile meets the Mediterranean, Ras El-Bar, a town considered as a part of Damietta, the coastal border city which is located on the right branch of the Nile.