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Sohag National Museum
Information Card

Location: Medinet Nasser St., Sohag 

Tel: +2046-4100021, 4100031 

Opening Hours: Daily: 9 AM-4 PM 

Ticket:  Egyptian: EGP 10  
                 Egyptian Student: EGP 5  
                 Foreign: EGP 60  
                 Foreign Student: EGP 30  

Notes: wheelchair accessible 




The Sohag National Museum is a landmark built to commemorate the ancient Egyptian civilization in the governorate. The Museum is erected on the Nile bank and the building is influenced by the traditional ancient Egyptian architecture. The entrance is flanked by four statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet.  

It was recently opened in 2018, to preserve some of the rich finds from: one of the earliest Egyptian settlements at Um El-Ka'ab, the temples of Abydos, and the resting place of Osiris. The museum narrates Egyptian culture by displaying marriage contracts and traditions and local habits. It also focuses on the role of Egyptian women in the Upper Egyptian cities throughout history.