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Chess Set-Royal Jewelry Museum
Information Card

Location: 27 Ahmed Pasha St., Alexandria 

Tel: +203-5828348 

Opening Hours: Daily: 9 AM-4 PM 

Ticket:  Egyptian: EGP 20  
                 Egyptian Student: EGP 5  
                 Foreign: EGP 100  
                 Foreign Student: EGP 50  

Notes: No flash photography allowed, wheel chair accessible


The palace of Princess Fatma El Zahraa (1903-1983) was chosen to be an art museum to house and display the personal jewelry collection of the 'Mohamed Ali' Royal Dynasty. The collection reflects richness and luxury of the royal family. Princess Fatima was well known for her deep love for art. Besides jewelry, the museum houses 11,000 artifacts, which are considered valuable pieces of heritage in both artistic and historical terms.