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Luxor Museum
Information Card

Location: Corniche El-Nile St, Luxor

Tel: +201006838961

Opeing HoursSat- Thurs: 9 AM-2 PM, reopens 5 PM-9 PM

Ticket: Egyptian: EGP 10   

                 Egyptian Student: EGP 5   

                 Foreign: EGP 120   

                 Foreign Student: EGP 60   

Notes No photography allowed


The Luxor Museum was built on the eastern bank of the Nile to display the exquisite finds that reflect the luxury of Thebes during the New Kingdom. The artifacts displayed focus on the ancient Egyptian beliefs and military glory during the “Age of the Empire” in Egypt.

The museum was opened in 1975, and an annex was added and inaugurated in 2004. Since the beginning it opts a “quality not quantity” concept. A marvellous unique collection worth visiting. The collection includes masterpieces royal sculpture, mummies, manuscripts, as well as Coptic and Islamic artifacts which were discovered in the Theban area.