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El-Alamein Museum
Information Card

Location: K 105, Alexandria-Matruh Desert Rd,. El Alamein 

Tel: +2046-4100021, 4100031 

Opening Hours: Daily: 9 AM-4 PM 


Egyptian: EGP 10  
Foreign: EGP 100  


El Alamein Military Museum commemorates the Second World War battle that took place on the Egyptian soil. The museum is adjacent to cemeteries for the killed soldiers. President Gamal Abd El-Nasser opened the Museum in 1956, to highlight the events of the battle through the display of the weapons, military uniforms, personal belongings, and personal letters.

A Memorial of Peace was erected outside the museum and devoted to world peace. The garden shows seldom German, Italian and British tanks, artillery and transportation vehicles in a very good state of preservation.