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National Military Museum
Information Card

Location: Inside Saladin Citadel, Salah Salem Road, Cairo 

Tel: +2025129619 

Opening Hours: Daily: 10 AM-4 PM 

Ticket:  Included within the Citadel’s entrance ticket 


The National Military Museum is located inside the Cairo Citadel, at the north western area of the Harem Palaces. It overlooks the Mokattam plateau. The museum houses artifacts and replicas that reflect the military history in Egypt since ancient times.

The museum commemorates the Battles of Majeddo, Qadesh, Ein Gallout and the victorious Battle of the Sixth of October 1973, which resulted in the liberation of Sinai from Israeli occupation. The Egyptian army proved throughout the ages great strategic skills and bravery.  An Open-Air Section, which displays sculptures for Egyptian historical figures, and heavy-weaponry used in the (1956-1967-1973) battles.