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Egyptian Museum
Information Card

Location: 15 Mariette Pasha St., Tahrir Sq, Downtown, Cairo (Opposite to Sadat Metro Station) 

Tel: +202-25782448, 25796948- +2-01121520515 

Opening Hours: Daily: 9 AM-5 PM  
                              Opening Sun and Thurs from 6 PM-9 PM 

Egyptian: EGP 20  
                 Egyptian Student: EGP 5  
                 Foreign: EGP 160  
                 Foreign Student: EGP 80  

Evening tickets: Egyptian: EGP 30  
                                Egyptian Student: EGP 15  
                                Foreign: EGP 220  
                                Foreign Student: EGP 110  

Notes: Special tickets for photography allowance: EGP 50  




The Egyptian Museum was built in 1902 and hereby the building itself is now considered an antiquity. It is located in the heart of the capital city, Cairo, overlooking the Tahrir square. 

The museum displays more than 120,000 artifacts, all sorts of ancient Egyptian antiquities including: mummies, sculpture, papyri, jewelry, etc. It also enshrines the relics of its founder, Gasten Maspero, who died in 1916, to commemorate his memory and devotion to the Egyptian antiquities. In front of the main entrance lies a small artificial lake, with the most revered plants to the ancient Egyptians; papyrus and lotus. In the garden, there are colossal remains of statues and obelisks.