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Coptic Museum
Information Card

Location: 3 Mary Girgis St., Old Cairo, Cairo (opposite to Mar Girgis Metro Station) 

Tel: +202-27412088, 27412016 

Opening Hours: Sat- Thurs: 9 AM-5 PM  

Ticket: Egyptian: EGP 10  
                         Egyptian Student: EGP 5  
                         Foreign: EGP 100  
                         Foreign Student: EGP 50  

Notes: No parking 
                 Tickets office closes at 4PM 
                 special tickets for photography allowance: EGP 50  


Email[email protected] 






Embraced by the Babylonian Fort, and in the heart of the Religious complex, lies the Coptic Museum, housing the largest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts. It was founded by Marcus Simaika Pasha in 1910, with joint efforts between the Royal Family, Cairo Museum, and donations from Egyptian Christian Notables. 

In the museum building, architectural elements from churches, monasteries and old houses of wealthy Christian families were integrated including Mosaic fountains, Mashrabeyas and inlaid wooden doors.