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  • Mount Sinai
    Peninsula of Sinai: The Eastern Gate to Egypt Because of its importance, and as the Eastern Gate to Egypt, Sinai witnessed most of the invasions and wars of Egypt throughout the history and therefore has always been a matter of military 
  • Deir El Bahari
    Ancient Egyptian Thebes The modern city of Thebes, has always been the hometown of Egyptian heroes in the ancient world; king Mentuhotep Nebhebetre who re-unified the Egyptian lands and established the Middle Kingdom.
  • Alexandria Corniche
    Alexandria: The Mermaid of the Mediterranean The Mermaid of the Mediterranean founded by Alexander the Great, the-modern- second largest city in Egypt. The city of intertwining religions, heritage, culture, industry and tourism.
  • Temple of Philae
    The beautiful city, which has been a favorite destination among travelers, explorers, historians, archaeologists and tourists.
  • Corniche
    Historical Cairo: The City of Thousand Minerates Historical Cairo is now a part of Cairo Governorate, the capital city of Egypt, located in Northern Egypt, and considered one of the largest cities in Africa.