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  • Sunset at Sohag
    Ancient Abydos The city is gifted with ancient myth about the burial of Osiris, and as a result it was an ancient pilgrimage destination. Later a temple complex was constructed to commemorate the royal dynasties in a Kings-List.
  • Entrance of Dendera Temple-Qena
    The city of Qena was constructed on a huge bend of the Nile, allowing the Nile clay precipitations and thus the city is very famous with fine pottery since prehistory and until modern days.
  • Overview of Mansoura
    It is a relatively modern city, aging about 1000 years! Well.. this is Egypt, 1000 years is considered a modern city.
  • Sunset at Minya
    El-Minya: Bride of Upper Egypt The city celebrated as the Bride of Upper Egypt, described by Ibn Battuta as the town that “excels all other towns of Upper Egypt”.
  • Damietta Corniche
    Ras El Bar The place where the Nile meets the Mediterranean, Ras El-Bar, a town considered as a part of Damietta, the coastal border city which is located on the right branch of the Nile. 
  • Qaitbay Citadel-Rashid
    Rosetta The city that unlocked the Ancient Egyptian secrets, deciphering the Hieroglyphs was the key to understanding ancient Egyptian civilization which was hidden between the blocks of Qaitbay fort, perfectly-preserved and after centur
  • Magic Lake-Faiyum
    The Faiyum Oasis A city where life began at Wadi Hitan, with fossilized extinct whales, and where the largest waterfalls in Egypt at Wadi El-Rayyan pump life in a beautiful natural scenery.