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Gebel El Mawta-Siwa Oasis

An oasis, located 560 km west Cairo, very famous for the Oracle Temple of Amun, which was visited by Alexander the Great. Ancient Egyptians knew how to choose their temple spots, and thus, until now, this temple is one of the best places for Meditation. 

On the way heading to the Oracle temple, lies a hot spring known as Cleopatra’s Pool. If you’re planning to visit the pool, consider local customs, suitable covering clothes is a must at the oasis.  

Another mystical place is The Mountain of the Dead, with more than 2000 rock-cut tombs, the oldest of them dating to the twenty-sixth Pharaonic dynasty and re-used during later periods. 

The ancient fortress Shali Ghadi is named after the local name of Siwa “Shali”. It suffered from seasonal torrential rainfalls and only the mosque was restored several times. Houses surround the elevated fortress. 

Siwa Oasis is located west Cairo, it is very famous for Alexander's visit to the Temple of Amun.