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Submarine-Sharm El Sheikh

Vacation at Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm Elsheikh is one of the top seaside destinations all over the world, it lies 300 miles away from Cairo, at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt,

Its population is increasing rapidly, currently about 132,000 inhabitants. It covers an area about 424 square kilometers. The marine life includes 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish.

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the best choices, when it comes to sea vacations. Especially for European tourists who prefer short distance flights. At Sharm El-Sheikh you can enjoy a special integration between all-natural treasures; Flora, fauna, and wonderful marine life.

According to the latest governmental Tourist cities ranking, Sharm El Sheikh occupies the first place among destinations: whether number of arriving tourists or the number of nights spent in the city. ‎


The city is considered a year round tanning heaven; where you can relax enjoying sunny weather and cool sea breeze all over the year. Its winter temperature is quiet mild; records high temperatures around 21/22 °C (70/72 °F) and low temperatures around 10/12 °C (50/54 °F), while the southern part is slightly warmer. It doesn't go below 22 °C (72 °F) in February. In summer, the prevailing wind comes from the desert, the heat is more intense but moisture is lower, and the temperature doesn’t record higher than 34 degrees Celsius (86°F).

History of Sharm El-Sheikh

The site was under the Israel occupation between 1967 until 1982, when the Egyptian authority regained its control on the city. The city received special interest for tourism growth, a wide development was achieved, to be one of the magnificent resorts in the sea side destinations all over the world.

Several international peace conferences were hosted at Sharm El Sheikh, and the city recently received the top award for the finest city in the world for peace and ‎beauty by UNESCO.  Sharm Elsheikh hosted several events in recent years like the 2006 and 2008 World Economic Forums relating to the Middle East, and International Youth Forums of 2017 and 2018.

Beaches and Water Activites

Vacationers at Sharm El-sheikh can enjoy riding skin boats, swimming reed breathing, riding yachts, water skiing; the city is one of the best destinations to experience water sports  and marine activities on the Red Sea.

Tourists interested in beaches, water activities, coral reefs and marine life lovers, all meet their requirements here in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. Other activities are essential in the city like diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, pare sailing, banana boats, and canoes. 

Adventurers and sportsmen find Sharm El-Sheikh a haven offering diverse activities such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, camel riding, volleyball, and desert safari to various oases and wadies.

Jackson Reef, Jolanda Reef, and Ras Um Sid Beach are considered  main attractions in the city, They are considered as the Red Sea’s top spots for diving, shark sightings, and snorkeling trips and enjoying marine life and coral reefs.

Diving activities can be best performed in the most notorious diving site in Sinai, the Blue hole, which lies 100 km to the north of the city. The place is safe enough with incredible marine life. The best diving sites in Sharm el sheikh include: Ras Ghamila, Ras Nasrani, Sharks Bay, White Knight, and others. Over 100,000 divers perform their activities in the city annually.

Natural Protectorates

The city is enriched with many attractions and parks like Ras Mohammed National Park which lies on 38 kilometers south of Sharm el-Sheikh where you can enjoy excellent snorkeling activities, and fantastic mangrove forest. Other Protectorates include El Nabq which lies 20 km north of the city, here you can enjoy the mangrove forest, sand dunes, lovely beaches, and arak bushes.

Naama Bay

Naama Bay is one of the top choices and main attractions, where you meet swaying palm trees and white sand beach. In Addition to many activities out of resort life, like ample sun-shades, loungers, restaurants, cafés, souvenir stores, and the beachside cafés. Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden are among several garden that can be accessed by both the shore and by boat at the northern end of Naama Bay. Plenty of flitting clownfish and butterfly fish exist in these gardens, and you can enjoy snorkeling activities as well.

Old Market

Sharm Old Market is the main shopping area; twinkling Arabic lamps, finely engraved woodwork and traditional shisha pipes can be found in abundance, cheap and cheerful restaurants and cafés. They are open until mid night.

Saint Catherine

The nearby Saint Catherine Area is 209 km northwest Sharm El Sheikh. It is rich with sites of heritage and spiritual religious purpose, like Saint Catherine's Monastery, one of the oldest working monasteries in the world, where the Ten Commandments are sent to Moses, everybody visits the monastery, involves to see the famous "burning bush" of the Old Testament, as well as a glittering collection of religious icons and ancient well-preserved manuscripts. Just you need an over day trip from the city to visit the spiritual places of Sinai mountain; a three-hours drive.


Dahab lies only 90 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh, one-hour drive. It is considered as one of the top choices in Sinai. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling.

The colored Canyon lies only 177 km north of the city. It is perfect for nature lovers where you can explore the bizarrely shaped pinnacles and boulders.


Sharm Elsheikh is located on Sinai, and it is one of the top seaside destinations in Egypt.