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El Qasr

The site is centered around the Islamic city, El Qasr, a typical model of traditional architecture. The name “El Qasr”, The Palace, came from its construction on a high-plateau, as means of fortification.

And while the town is clearly Islamic, it retains some ancient Egyptian blocks, recognizable by the hieroglyphic inscriptions, an evidence of earlier settlements. 

The town is located on the trade route, connecting the Delta to Marsa Matruh from one side, and the Delta to Sudan from the other side, and thus it flourished as a commercial place. 

The city was conserved as it was inhabited until recently, and thus retains all of its architectural features, leading it to be one of the few well-preserved traditional Islamic localities. While walking through the old town, routes will lead you to explore the local houses, gathering areas, a mosque, and far to the south, you can visit the cemetery. 

El Dakhla Oasis is centered around the Islamic city, “El Qasr”, means the Palace.