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The Black Desert

This place, specifically is very interesting, as it makes you witness the very early phases of natural history. Anthropologists found dinosaur bones as evidence of very early occupation. Early humans, of the Neolithic period, left us some tools in the site which was later occupied by ancient Egyptians. High-official tombs from the twenty-sixth Pharaonic dynasty, still preserve their wonderful colors. 

The Valley of the Golden Mummies, a Greco-Roman site excavated by Zahi Hawwas, where his team found more than 100 well-preserved mummies glittering in golden masks. The mummies were transferred to the Golden Mummies Museum at the Bahariya Oasis. 

The formations of the Black Desert, the hot and cold springs contributed to the mystical nature of the modern town. Traditions of the city are all displayed in The Oasis Heritage Museum, 3 km east of the town.

El Bahariya Oasis is located on the western desert, about 370 km away from Cairo.